Author: Rumen Petkov

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Is there a comedy club in Sofia

Recently the first and currently only club created specifically for stand up comedy opened doors. It’s name is as you could guess ‘The Comedy Club Sofia’. The club is known to be the place for comedy in Sofia. It works with and they create different comedy events to keep their audience happy and interested. Events such as open mic,…

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Daliso Chaponda’s Stand up Show in Sofia

Daliso Chaponda’s first visit in Sofia, Bulgaria was one of the highlights in the Comedy Fest Sofia 2.0. It is safe to say that the club registered a full house. Daliso’s one man show was definitely one of the funniest things which I have personally seen. And if the the company that organised the whole fetival knew he was…

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Jimmy Carr with his new show Funny Business in Sofia

World famous comedian Jimmy Carr is presenting his newest show “Funny Business” containing 100% new material all thanks to the Bulgarian producer company The event will take place in Hall 1 of NDK. There were some amazing comedians from many countries who came to Bulgaria, but Jimmy is the first one of this calibre. One of Jimmy Carr’s features…

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English speaking comedy in Sofia

English speaking comedy in Sofia is not that easy to find. As for stand up, so far is known to be the only production company that invites foreign stand up comedians. is responsible for the two biggest comedy festivals in which there were over 10 different comedians from 10 countries such as the best from England, Malawi, Netherlands,…

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Events for english speakers in Sofia

If you are looking for English speaking comedy events as well as funny sports, is the place to find all of those happening regularly. is the biggest Bulgarian producer of stand up comedy. They have two comedy festivals happening every year. English speaking stand up comedy professionals and open mic partly in English, partly in Bulgarian every month….

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Ivan Kirkov stand up comedian and producer

Ivan Kirkov is the creator and owner of the biggest website for stand up comedy in Bulgaria. He is known to be one of the best comedians in Bulgaria and the most professional producer to work here. His type of humour is self-mocking irony, dark humor, and his main themes are his childhood, the difference between the province and…

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Sofia laughs with the best comedians of

Three years ago almost nobody knew what stand up was, but thanks to the comedians, stand up was developed in such a rapid paste that now almost everybody in Sofia has been laughing at our comics at some point, or at least heard of stand up. Bulgaria managed to prove that they have a really good audience when it…

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Organizer of stand up comedy in Bulgaria

One of the best companies that organizes stand up comedy events professionally in Bulgaria is currently They did the two comedy festivals named- The First Comedy Festival Sofia 2015 and Comedy Fest 2.0. In these festivals one of the best comedians from Eastern Europe participated, as well as guest stars from Malawi and England. is also currently working…

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ivan kirkov stand up year 2016

Ivan Kirkov – stand up comedian and producer

Ivan Kirkov is the creator and owner of the biggest production company in Bulgaria called Ivan is arguably the biggest name in the Bulgarian stand up comedy industry. He has won the award for best comedian in the Adria region for 2014 as well as the best stand up comedian in Bulgaria for 2014. Alongside those major awards he…

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