English speaking comedy in Sofia

jimmy carr ivan kirkov

English speaking comedy in Sofia is not that easy to find. As for stand up, so far comedy.bg is known to be the only production company that invites foreign stand up comedians. Comedy.bg is responsible for the two biggest comedy festivals in which there were over 10 different comedians from 10 countries such as the best from England, Malawi, Netherlands, Poland and every country on the Balkans. Most of the comedians were guest stars, the only foreign professional comedian that performs regularly in Bulgaria is Nikola from Macedonia, although he performs in Bulgarian. There are also English speaking open mic-ers who are very promising.

Comedy.bg frequently has guest stars apart from the festivals almost every month. One that has done a couple of shows already is Danny Grozdich, who is also known as Serbian Lesson Guy from youtube. If you want to know when an English comedian is performing or want to do a show with comedy.bg you can contact us on our website or facebook page.

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