Events for english speakers in Sofia

stand up comedy bulgaria

If you are looking for English speaking comedy events as well as funny sports, is the place to find all of those happening regularly. is the biggest Bulgarian producer of stand up comedy. They have two comedy festivals happening every year. English speaking stand up comedy professionals and open mic partly in English, partly in Bulgarian every month. can host your English speaking events and you can hire young comedians if you contact them. Many British comedians such as Daliso Chaponda, Ola the comedian and Katerina Vrana have been working with and since have become good friends with the stand up producers. Marina Orsag has performed three times now and is already  a well known name in Bulgaria and Sofia. Danny Grozdich, also known as Serbian Lessons Guy has performed in numerous ocassions at our home stage. Because of you are able to see a different English speaking comedian in Sofia every month.

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