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Ivan Kirkov stand up comedian and producer

ivan kirkov comedian and producer of the year

Ivan Kirkov is the creator and owner of comedy.bg- the biggest website for stand up comedy in Bulgaria. He is known to be one of the best comedians in Bulgaria and the most professional producer to work here. His type of humour is self-mocking irony, dark humor, and his main themes are his childhood, the difference between the province and the big town, things surrounding us that remain unnoticed. Ivan Kirkov has won the award for the best stand up comedian in 2014 as well as best stand up comedian in the Adria region for 2014 alongside with many other awards.
As for his producer skills, well the main reason that there is a stand up scene in Bulgaria is thanks to Ivan Kirkov. He produced two big festivals, one of which was 14 days long with at least one event each day all on his own. With over 2000 attendance each, these festivals are no doubt the most succesfull in Bulgaria so far. His professionalism and good relationship with fellow comedians is unmatchable. The biggest show he is to produce yet is the “Funny Business” by none other than Jimmy Carr himself.

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