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Jimmy Carr with his new show Funny Business in Sofia

jimmy carr, stand up, show, sofiaWorld famous comedian Jimmy Carr is presenting his newest show “Funny Business” containing 100% new material all thanks to the Bulgarian producer company Comedy.bg. The event will take place in Hall 1 of NDK. There were some amazing comedians from many countries who came to Bulgaria, but Jimmy is the first one of this calibre.

One of Jimmy Carr’s features is his unique style of comedy, also everyone is able to recognize his trademark laugh. Jimmy likes to talk about the differences between the two genders, sex, politics and any events currently happening in the world. And for the lovers of black comedy, he has not one or two jokes with a bit of a dark humor taste. During his long career, the Englishman has won a bunch of comedy awards including three LAFTA awards.

Jimmy’s expertise in delivering his jokes in a quick and unexpected way one after another, will make you laugh uncontrollably. And if by chance you are not a person who enjoys black comedy, Jimmy Carr will definitely make you change your mind. The way he describes world tragedies or just brutal events is as interesting as absurdly funny.

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