english stand up by comedy.bg

Organizer of stand up comedy in Bulgaria

english stand up by comedy.bgOne of the best companies that organizes stand up comedy events professionally in Bulgaria is currently comedy.bg. They did the two comedy festivals named- The First Comedy Festival Sofia 2015 and Comedy Fest 2.0. In these festivals one of the best comedians from Eastern Europe participated, as well as guest stars from Malawi and England. Comedy.bg is also currently working with Jimmy Carr and Dylan Moran, which are one of the biggest comedy names in the world.

Over the past several years comedy.bg managed to develop a stand up stage, developing three Bulgarian professionals- Ivan Kirkov, Vasil Nozharov and Nikolay Bankov, also adding the best Macedonian to the team- Nikola Todoroski. And even that is not enough, the production company is looking to grow even more, organizing open mics for amateur comedians wanting to become pro. Comedy.bg is also working with The Comedy Club, which is the first bar made specifically for comedy in Bulgaria.

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