ivan kirkov stand up year 2016

Ivan Kirkov – stand up comedian and producer

ivan kirkov stand up year 2016Ivan Kirkov is the creator and owner of the biggest production company in Bulgaria called comedy.bg. Ivan is arguably the biggest name in the Bulgarian stand up comedy industry. He has won the award for best comedian in the Adria region for 2014 as well as the best stand up comedian in Bulgaria for 2014. Alongside those major awards he has won many other, including producer of  the year 2015. Ivan Kirkov is a very versatile comedian who touches every topic you could think of. But most of all the loves to talk about his childhood and the way it affects his current life.

Apart from being one of the best comedians in Bulgaria, Ivan is without doubt the best producer. Having created two festivals which were a huge success. During them he worked with the best comedians from the Balkans, such as Marina Orsag, Katerina Vrana, Alexander Perisic, Nikola Silic, Sergiu Floroaia, thus creating an international network allowing him to work with them regularly and become friends. Ivan and his company comedy.bg are also currently working with household names like Dylan Moran and the world star Jimmy Carr.

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