stand up comedy in bulgaria 2016

Is there stand up comedy in Bulgaria

stand up comedy in bulgaria 2016Bulgarian stand up comedy has developed rapidly in the recent years. lifted the stand up comedy industry in this country all on it’s own. They are responsible for the two stand up comedy festivals, in which they worked with the likes of Daliso Chaponda, Marina Orsag, Katerina Vrana and many other great performers. is also currently working with world famous stars such as Dylan Moran and Jimmy Carr, whom you will be able to see in the year 2016.
There are frequently open mic nights, where aspiring comedians can have a chance to show their material and if they have potential, they could become a professional comedian. There are also themed events for nerds, dark humor, comedy about sex, taboo topics and more. Two years ago all of this was non-existent, there were no professional stand up comedians, but managed to develop a stage and a few top tier stand up comics who are just becoming better and better.

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