is there open mic in Sofia

Open Mic in Sofia

Open mic is a stand up type of comedy for any amateur comedian that wants to become a pro, or just has a funny story to tell. Open mic events in Sofia are produced by The main producer and MC of the shows is Ivan Kirkov, who is one of the best comedians in Bulgaria. He has also organised some free workshops where he can teach is there open mic in Sofiayoung aspiring comedians about the art of stand up comedy. The open mic event itself is a very funny and amusing to watch. There are lots of comedians who try, some are really good, others fail spectacularly which could still be hilarious.
Currently there are several English speaking open mic-ers, so if you are interested in doing stand up comedy and not sure whether it can be done in English here in Bulgaria, worry not, because it can. A Dutch guy, Chris, even won an open mic event, so language barrier is non existent. If you are interested in performing contact the website or facebook page for more information.

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